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"3 Stone Diamond Rings Three Times As Nice
Oval, princess and emerald cuts are popular in 3 stone diamond rings. So whether you are celebrating your engagement, an anniversary, or simply want to say that you love her, a 3 stone diamond ring is a gift that will combine deep significance with triple beauty. Just like the ring itself, the three stones in 3 stone diamond rings celebrate the timelessness of your relationship. Find out more about Diamond Wedding Rings as well as many other types of Diamond Rings including Diamond Engagement Rings. This setting is ideal for those who would like to add a splash of color to their diamond jewelry. Three stone diamond rings are available with a variety of different shaped stones. Regardless of your taste or your budget you will be able to find the ring that says I love you in three different ways. This setting is also used with great effectiveness to contrast stones of differing colors the depth of color of flanking emeralds or sapphires can enhance the beauty of a central clear diamond."