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Chicago Diamond Experts, Inc. manufactures all of our diamond pieces that are in white gold, yellow gold, or platinum.  We have been working with the same bench jewelers for years.  Most jewelry repairs can be completed the same day.  To insure that you are having the original center diamond returned to you, our diamond expert will show you the attributes of your diamond and write down any specific details to identify your center stone on the invoice.
1. We can size your ring, tighten loose diamonds, add diamonds to your existing settings or just polish your jewelry so it looks like the 1st day it was purchased.  Chicago Diamond Experts, Inc. jewelry repair bench jewelers can handle any jewelry repair job you need in a timely and professional fashion. Retail Jewelers normally have to send the work to us to be repaired properly, which in turn the cost of the work is usually doubled or even tripled by the retail store who retrieved the damaged piece.

2. We also specialize in custom jewelry designing.  We can use the diamonds from your old setting and create a new contemporary or antique diamond setting.

3. Chicago Damond Experts, Inc. bench jewelers can also professionally hand engrave your engagement ring, wedding bands, or bracelet.  We can engrave a sentence, phrase, or date on the inside of the band.